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Below you will find what's new with our website. We've had a major makeover, so please take your time to read through our notes and familiarized yourself with the changes. We still have plenty of changes that are coming, and not everything may be listed under. Visit our FAQ if you have any questions.


We have modernized and simplified our website to make it easier to find and order your albums.


All your options are now displayed on one page. Design your album with ease.


Our new design tool is now integrated into the ordering process. Drag and drop your completed spreads or design them from scratch. A tutorial video will be uploaded in the near future to further help you. We will continue to make improvements to our design tool by adding more available layouts and options throughout the year. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance or have any suggestions for improvements. Below is a step-by-step instruction for designing an album as well as highlighting the design tool's features. Don't be afraid to mess around and experiment.

  • • Start off by naming your project. Click "My Project" on the top right corner. Hit "Save/Exit" to save your progress.
    Note: Make sure you save frequently!
  • • Beginning with the Cover Page, use the "Options" tab to change and design your cover page. Here you'll see all the available options to edit your album's front cover.
  • • Click on "Page 1 and Page 2" on the bottom of the editor when you're ready to design your spreads. Use the "Images" tab to upload your pictures. We highly suggest using the "Galleries" option to for uploading your pictures. This allows you to store your pictures for future projects.
  • • Next, click on "Add Image Box" to add a box on your spread (or if you'd like to use one of our available layouts--click the "Layouts" tab and drag and drop a layout to use it). Image boxes can be filled by dragging and dropping an image from your galleries. Once you've filled an image box, you can click on it to see all the available options to edit that particular image.
    Note: If you already designed your spreads ahead of time, you can just simply drag and drop each completed spread to their corresponding pages (spread 1 - 2 on page 1 - 2).
  • • The "Crop" option will allow you to move, zoom in, and zoom out an image WITHIN the image box.
    Note: You can resize the image box by dragging on its corners if you'd like to resize the entire image.
  • • If you'd like to add a colored background to your spreads, click "Background." Here you'll be able to create as many colored backgrounds as you want. You can drag and drop a color to change your background color, or hit clear to reset the color. If you're looking to make a particular image a background, click on the "Images" tab and add an image box. Drag and drop your image into the image box. Resize the image box to your liking and on the "Layer" slider, slide all the way to the left to put your image behind all the other images.
  • • Once you've finished designing your spreads, you can reorganize them by clicking the "Organize" tab.
  • • You're all done! Make sure to save your progress before you exit. Click "Add to Cart" if you're ready to checkout.

With the new design tool, you’ll be able to see your cover design in real time. Change your leather color, cover text, cover image, and more. You’ll also be able to share your design for others to view.


We’ve updated our pricing to better reflect the cost of your album. Check out the complete pricing by viewing each album series. General and base prices will be available in the ‘PRICING’ page.


With our goal of making everything simpler and easier, we have removed some of our album series (such as the Porta, Stilleto, and Fantasie series). However, we still want to make your perfect album! If you don’t see a series that fits you, please fill out our Custom Order form here and we’ll reach out to you.