How to Get Started

Photo albums are a great way to preserve your momentous occasions but they also allow you to share your memories with family and friends. They are keepsakes that hold your family history and can be gifted from generation to generation.



Choosing your album


Designing your album.


In the editor, begin by reviewing the cover layout and options under the "layout" and "options" tab on the right side. Then, edit your text/photo depending on the chosen cover layout.

To edit your text, double click the text field.
To edit your cover photo, drag and drop an image into the placeholder.

After finalizing your cover options, you can move on to designing your album layouts. You can stick to the prechosen templates or drag and drop in a template from the "layouts" tab on the right side.

Then, simply drag your photos (images tab) onto the layouts (grey image fields).

To adjust the position of your photos inside the layout, click the photo you want to adjust on the layout, then under images tab, select the crop icon, you'll be able to move the photo left, right, up, or down in it's container.

To add additional spreads to your design, select the organize button on the bottom left, then select +Add Page.

Finally, please be sure to carefully review your album.
Tip: Remember the center of the spread is where it folds, avoid placing faces or anything important across this fold. The center is designed in the editor by a grey dotted line.