Wrapped in genuine leather and suede, the Stiletto Series is uniquely tailored with laser graphics. Graphic patterns are
laser cut offering unique and stylish two tone graphics. Mix and match your choice of genuine leather and
your choice of suede to create your one of a kind dream album.


Can I order a custom sized Stiletto Series Album?

Yes. We can accommodate requests for custom sized Stiletto Series albums; however, smaller sizes may not be available. Please call for availability and prices of custom sizes: 1.888.MyPicto (697 4286)

Can I have my Stiletto wrapped in Faux Leather?

No; There is no faux leather option for the Stiletto Series.

Can I order my cover branding in a custom color?

No; For cover branding you are limited to the following color choices: Clear (Genuine Leather Only), Silver, Gold, Black, White, Gray, Yellow, Pink, Red, Purple, Orange, Light Orange, Blue, Baby Blue, Light Green

Can I order my cover branding in a custom font?

Yes; however, you must purchase a custom DIE at $80 for each instance and submit a black and white jpeg of your cover branding graphic. Standard fonts are available at a flat rate per line at all times.

Can I request a Monogram instead of Cover Branding?

No; We cannot place Monograms on genuine leather.

Can I order a duplicate of my Stiletto Series Album?

Yes; however, discounted duplicate album pricing does not apply unless your duplicate is from the Signature Series. If you would like to order additional copies of your album WITH a Stiletto cover, you must simply place a separate order and pay the regular price. If you request a duplicate album with your online Stiletto order, your duplicate will be produced as a Signature Series album with a genuine leather cover.

Do Stiletto Series albums come with a wooden presentation case?

Yes; Stiletto albums come in a velvet slip cover with the wooden presentation case.

Are studio samples prices at 50% off?

Yes; Studio samples are always available at 50% off (Quantity is LIMITED) and are genuine PictoBooks albums with a studio sample "Brand" on the inside back cover.

How do I order a Stiletto Series Album?

You can order by logging into and utilizing the online ordering system available to you.

How do I send you my album design images?

Upload your files into a single folder within MyFiles found in MyPicto, doing so BEFORE placing your online order. You will later associate these files to your order in step #5 of the online ordering process.

Things to remember: Please ensure that the filenames of your images are in order as we will follow the alpha-numeric order of your image to ascertain the correct page order of your album.