Custom tailored with uniquely wild embossing patterns. The Modello features full front and back cover embossing.
Available in genuine leather with acrylic and metal cameos.
Pick any of our pre-designed styles or choose to do your own design. Completely your way!


Can I order a custom sized Modello Series Album?

Yes; We can accommodate requests for custom sized Modello Series albums; however, small or large sizes may not be available. Please call for availability and prices of custom sizes: 1.888.MyPicto (697 4286)

Can I have my Modello wrapped in Faux Leather?

No; There is no faux leather option for the Modello Series.

Can I have my Modello embossed with the custom pattern?

Yes; See Custom Fee    See How To Submit Design

Can I order cover branding for my Modello Series Album?

No; We cannot stamp cover text on embossed leather covers. We recommend including important text within your cameo image.

Can I order a duplicate of my Modello Series Album?

Yes; It's available at discounted price.

Do Modello Series albums come with a wooden presentation case?

Yes; Modello albums come in a velvet slip cover with the wooden presentation case.

Are studio samples prices at 50% off?

Yes; Studio samples are always available at 50% off (Quantity is LIMITED) and are genuine PictoBooks albums with a studio sample "Brand" on the inside back cover.

How do I order a Modello Series Album?

You can order by logging into and utilizing the online ordering system available to you.

How do I send you my album design images?

Upload your files into a single folder within MyFiles found in MyPicto, doing so BEFORE placing your online order. You will later associate these files to your order in step #5 of the online ordering process.

Things to remember: Please ensure that the filenames of your images are in order as we will follow the alpha-numeric order of your image to ascertain the correct page order of your album.