With the faux leather cover, the Bijou series can be accessorized with custom engraved or printed monogram / text.
Available with various cover colors and monogram options!


How do you price your Bijou albums?

Album Designs for the Bijou series are available at a flat rate of $45.99. Add the cost of a print and bind album to get the total cost of your album. ***You cannot proof your Bijou Design. Upon completion, your order will go directly to print. See PictoDesign FAQs for more information***

Each Bijou album has a base price which varies based on your album size. This base price includes the printing and binding of the first 16 spreads, the cover monogram, as well as standard shipping to anywhere in the US. If you require more than 16 spreads, they are available at a flat rate per spread which varies depending on the album size.

A complete guide to pricing is available on our website. You can login to your account to view current pricing information.

How many spreads can be included in a Bijou Series album?
Minimum 10 spreads (20 pages/sides)
Maximum 40 spreads (80 pages/sides)
(1 spread = 2 pages/sides)

If you want to bind more spreads than the maximum allowed, you must bind your spreads in more than one album. A two-volume album is priced as a single album plus the cost of an additional cover. Please contact us for pricing.

Is there duplicate pricing available for the Bijou?
NO. All albums are priced as shown in our Pricing Page.

Are studio samples prices at 50% off?
YES. Studio Samples are available at 50% off (Quantity is LIMITED).

What is the Bijou turnaround time?
Design Service III : 7 to 10 Business Days
Print & Bind or Bind Only : 7 Business Days

Turnaround times are based on the date of receipt of all order materials. Failure to submit all order materials including payment will delay the processing of your order. Please allow approximately 5 to 7 business days for shipping upon completion of your album.

Is there a Bind Only option for the Bijou?
Yes; however, Bind Only Bijou albums are the same price as Print and Bind Bijou albums. We highly recommend saving money and allowing us to produce your Bijou prints.

How do I order a Bijou Series Album?
You can order by logging into and utilizing the online ordering system available to you.

How do I send you my album design images?
Upload your files into a single folder within MyFiles found in MyPicto, doing so BEFORE placing your online order. You will later associate these files to your order in step #5 of the online ordering process.

Things to remember: Please ensure that the filenames of your images are in order as we will follow the alpha-numeric order of your image to ascertain the correct page order of your album.

Is Color Correction included in the Print and Bind Service?
Yes. We color manage all Print and Bind album orders prior to printing.

How do I make changes to my order after I've placed it?
You MUST call us immediately. Fees may apply depending on the change requested. In some cases we will require that a new album be produced at regular cost. We strongly recommend checking, and double checking images/prints/album details prior to submitting your order for clarity and completeness.

What size options are available for the Bijou Series?
You have the choice of 4 sizes. The Bijou is available in 8x8, 8x10, 10x8 and 10x10. The Bijou cover comes in your choice of vinyl material manufactured in such a way to mimic leather, fabric, carbon fiber, brushed metal, and suede. Extras such as cameos are not available with this series.

What is a Monogram?
The Bijou Monogram adorns the cover of Bijou Series albums. We have standard graphics to choose from in wedding and baby designs. All you have to do it supply the text and we'll make the Monogram for you. You also have the option of submitting a custom graphic. Black and White JPEGs preferred. Cover Branding is not an option with the Bijou Series.

Can I have my Bijou wrapped in Genuine Leather?
Yes. Bijou Leather is available. Monograms are printed and raised with 3D technology.

Is the Bijou available with a METAL cover?
Yes. Bijou METAL is tailored with genuine leather. Monograms are printed and raised with 3D technology.

Are custom sizes available in the BIJOU METAL?
No. See pricing, Bijou for available sizes.

Do Bijou Series albums come with a wooden presentation case?
No. Bijou Series albums come in a black velvet slip cover; however, you can always upgrade to a wooden album case with cover branding. This option is available for selection within the online order form.